Chief Bill Blair to get full year’s salary after term ends next year – Toronto

Watch above: Jackson Proskow explains why Bill Blair will get an extra year of pay. 

TORONTO – Police Chief Bill Blair will be receiving a full year’s salary after his term expires in April of next year.

According to the Toronto Sun, the police chief will receive $367,719, plus $3,006 in benefits.

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A request for a contract extension was recently denied by the Toronto Police Services Board but a clause states he can get a payout if he had asked to stay on as police chief, which he did and was then refused.

Board Chairman Alok Mukherjee confirmed to the Toronto Sun that the extra year’s salary is legitimate and that he would not have been paid if he decided to retire in the first place.

Blair will also be compensated for the vacation he did not use up.

Councillor Doug Ford, a frequent critic of Blair’s, didn’t criticize the board or the chief when asked about the contract Wednesday. Instead, he said if the clause was in Blair’s contract, then he should be paid.

But he admitted a contract with a similar clause likely wouldn’t be signed in the private sector.

“It all depends on what the contract says, but in reality, no,” Ford said. “Once you have a contract and in the chief’s case it was five years, you wouldn’t get a year’s severance.”

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