Edmonton woman has warning for people with glass patio tables – Edmonton

WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton woman is warning others after her glass patio table shattered into a million little pieces. Quinn Ohler reports.

EDMONTON – An Edmonton woman is still picking up pieces of glass after her patio table seemingly exploded last week.

Lillian Courtney got a call last Thursday from her neighbour, who noticed her table was in smithereens.

At first, she assumed it was vandals. Then she and her husband checked the feed from their outdoor surveillance camera.

“We’re watching it and all of a sudden it’s just like in Mythbusters — the whole table fell down onto the patio.”

WATCH: Surveillance video shows the glass of the patio table shatter

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She believes the tempered glass shattered due to the heat. Temperatures reached nearly 30°C that day.

Courtney adds that she’s just grateful nobody got hurt. Just four days earlier she had dozens of people over for a backyard birthday party. Her dogs also often slept under the table.

“I can’t imagine the magnitude of glass falling on them,” Courtney said.

“There was no warning.”

She now has this word of advice: “If you have a glass [patio table] and you can afford to replace it, it might be something to consider. Children could get hurt, you could get hurt.”

According to Warren Yadlowski, who has worked for years with patio funiture, what happened is unusual.

“They’re meant to withstand the -30 to plus 30, so there’s going to be extremes where it’s very, very cold and very, very hot.”

Still, he says most people have moved away from glass tops. Those who haven’t should ensure they’re buying quality tempered glass, he says. Yadlowski also stresses the importance of making sure glass tables are covered during the winter and heavy snow is removed.

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-With files from Quinn Ohler, Global News