Mammoliti wants councillors to resign after deaths at Veld – Toronto

TORONTO –Giorgio Mammoliti is calling for the resignation of fellow councillors Mike Layton and Gord Perks after the deaths of two people at a weekend music festival.

“With the deaths of two young individuals at this weekend’s Veld Festival it’s time for someone to take responsibility before more tragedies come from these EDM events,” Mammoliti said in a press release Tuesday.

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“Councillors Perks and Layton should resign their seats on Council. If it wasn’t for them pushing for these events and insisting they be held on government lands I don’t believe these kids would be dead today.”

Thirteen others were hospitalized after attending the Veld Music Festival; homicide detectives are investigating the two deaths.

Police said all 15 ingested some sort of party drug – such as MDMA, ecstasy or a form of GHB.

Mammoliti has been railing against Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events from being held on government grounds since April when he was among a handful of Exhibition Place board members who voted against holding the dance parties at the government-owned buildings.

The resolution, which Mammoliti supported, did allow the events to be held at Muzik Nightclub, a private business on exhibition grounds.

City council eventually overturned the ban by a vote of 31 to four.

Councillor Gord Perks was not available to comment on this story Tuesday.

Councillor Mike Layton has not responded to a request for an interview but told reporters at city hall he would not “acknowledge [Mammoliti’s] statements.”