Quebec’s municipal employees ready to go to Supreme Court – Montreal

WATCH ABOVE: As pension protests heat up, Quebec’s municipal workers said on Tuesday they have no plans to back down on pension protests. Rachel Lau reports.

MONTREAL – Quebec’s municipal workers said on Tuesday that they have no plans to back down and are committed to amping up pressure tactics against Quebec’s controversial pension reform bill.

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“The target is our pension funds,” said Marc Ranger, spokesperson for the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

“We are disgusted by this. People are angry like I’ve never seen before.”

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Bill 3 would see city employees across the province take on more responsibility for helping to pay off a nearly $4 billion deficit.

“Right now, it’s going too far,” said Ranger.

“Maybe our pressure tactics are going too far but the government right now is going way too far.”

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Blue-and-white-collar workers have not been shy to show their opposition.

“They need to be as visible as they can — and be creative,” he said.

“That’s what they’re doing, and I will certainly not condemn them.”

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The City of Montreal said that it is standing by the provincial government.

For now, officials told Global News that they are going to stay silent and let city workers say what they have to.

Yet, as protests go on, some municipal employees are getting a little more creative.

Charles Ledoux took a video of several Laval police officers racing their vehicles through the mud in order to dirty their cars.

The coalition said that they did not sanction this type of pressure tactic.

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“Our word was stickers: be visible, disturb the administration, not the citizens,” said Ranger.

The coalition said it won’t back down, and is ready to take the battle to the Supreme Court if they have to.