SaskPower CEO issues personal apology for smart meters

REGINA – SaskPower’s CEO Robert Watson issued a personal apology Tuesday on the company’s website for the problems caused with its installation of smart meters in Saskatchewan.

In it, he said, “Despite assurances from both the smart meter supplier, as well as independent industry experts, the smart meters clearly did not meet our standards – nor did they meet the expectations of our customers.”

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“For that, I want to personally apologize. I want you to know my family has a smart meter on our home. I understand how important it is for you to know your home is safe.”

He ended with his assurance the cost to replace the province’s smart meters with digital meters will not result in rate increases.

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Earlier Tuesday, SaskPower responded to another meter incident at a house in Regina’s Glencairn neighbourhood.

While the house was installed with a smart meter, a spokesperson with SaskPower said the problem appears to be with the meter socket, as opposed to the meter itself.

It’s believed to have been caused by ground settling, which likely caused wires to short inside the meter box.

The meter was replaced and there was no damage to the home.