WATCH: Owner denies her dogs are killers

A Joe Rich family is living in fear after their dog was attacked and killed last week.

They say their pet was fatally attacked by a pack of dogs that belong to their neighbour.

“I saw her standing right there, shacking. Blood all over her.”

Hanna Lambert recounts what she saw last week when she arrived home — her dog bleeding and mangled after being attacked. But Lambert didn’t know by what. Her mind was racing.

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“At the time, we thought it was coyotes, wolves coming onto our property but on Friday when those three dogs came on our property we knew those were the dogs that attacked her.”

Lambert says the three dogs came back the next day for another kill.

“They went after our other dog. One of them still had blood all over its chest,” says Lambert.

The fact that the three dogs came back has the Lamberts on edge.

“We’re afraid to go outside we have to carry a bat with us,” she says.

And the Lamberts are not alone. The three dogs recently paid their neighbour a visit.

Allen Pauls says his wife had a close encounter with one of the roaming dogs last week. It was aggressive. Now they too are in fear.

“My wife was watering the lawn last night and I wanted to go somewhere and she asked me if I would stay until she finished doing the watering. So it’s a little unnerving.”

Global News located the owner of the dogs. They had posted a sign on a local billboard that two of their dogs are missing — one matching the description of the dogs that were found on the Lambert’s property.

Savanna Malone lives just up the road from the Lamberts. She says she’s offended the Lamberts are pointing the finger at her dogs.

“I think it’s sort of offensive. Yeah, our dogs were on their property.”

Malone says it’s impossible that her dogs killed Lambert’s dog because they were out of town at the time. She says the dogs were with her but now they’re missing.

“At this moment our dogs are gone,” she says.

Not what the Lamberts wanted to hear. They want the dogs captured.

“I think they should be put down. If they’re capable of attacking a dog, they’re fully capable of attacking a human,” says Lambert.

The Regional District has fined Malone for letting her dogs run at large but no action will be taken for the killing because there’s no proof Malone’s dogs are responsible.