Winkler mother donates bike to special needs boy – Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — “Yes, yes, yes, a new bike!” Jacob screamed Tuesday afternoon.

The energetic 10-year-old is autistic. His bike with custom-made reinforced training wheels was locked in the backyard of his Elmwood home when it was stolen Saturday night.

When Global viewer Naomi Fehr saw Jacob’s story, she knew she could help.  Her son’s bicycle was practically identical to Jacob’s.

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“I just know how much joy that brought him and to know that joy was taken away from another child, it really impacted me,” Fehr explained.

Fehr’s nine-year-old son Joshua passed away two years ago from cancer. His bike was collecting dust in their Winkler garage. Fehr contacted Global News, asking for help to bring her late son’s bike to Jacob and joy to another boy with special needs.

“Anything that can better the life of someone else, I’m all for it,” Fehr said.

Jacob’s mom, Arlene Reid, was brought to tears when Global News brought the bicycle from Winkler to the Reids’ home in Winnipeg.

“I can’t tell you how much he appreciates this,” Arlene said. “Thank you Joshua. Thank you.”

The bike stolen from the yard was returned to the family on Monday afternoon. But the custom-made cycle was damaged. Spray-painted handle bars, no brakes and no training wheels made it impossible for Jacob to ride.

His mom and dad feared it would take months for the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre to build another.

“When he got his bike back he was distraught. He couldn’t ride it, and he kept coming outside and falling over. With this new bike, he’s got his freedom back again.”

Jacob, ovewhelmed with the generosity, said ” Thanks” to Fehr. And quickly hopped on his bike to take it for a spin.

The Reids told Global News they will be hitting the pavement Wednesday for a family bike ride.